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Air Conditioning Maintenance – Is This on Your To-Do List?!

An annual service check should be one of the first items on your spring/summer to-do list!  Your unit sat idle all winter and before you turn it on, you should have it checked/serviced in case there are any problems.

Air conditioners can lose up to 5% of their original efficiency for each year of operation – especially without regular maintenance.  The good news is that you can recover some of that lost efficiency with regular yearly maintenance. Studies show that with regular tune-ups a unit will maintain up to 95% of it’s original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs. 

With regular yearly maintenance, you can also help to extend the overall life span of the unit itself by as much as 5 years!

Another benefit of yearly checks is that your unit will be more reliable – less likely to break down mid-season. 

You will also be using less energy and therefore lowering your carbon footprint – which positively effects the environment.

Here is a list of the most common items that need to be checked:

·         Check for proper refrigerant levels

·         Check all electrical components and controls

·         Clean evaporator and condenser coils – dirty coils reduce energy efficiency

·         Oil Motors as needed

·         Check condenser for possible problems

·         Check, clean and replace air filters

Without regular maintenance and filter replacement – you could end up with a unit that looks like this!

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

We all want to save money – especially on our energy costs.  We all should want to lessen our impact on the environment as  well, and one of the easiest ways to do all of the above is to install programmable thermostats in your home and/or office. 


Programmable thermostats offer increased comfort by allowing you to set the exact temperature you’d like your house to be at certain times of the day.  For example, if you like sleeping in a slightly cooler home during the winter months, you can set the thermostat to drop a couple of degrees at your typical bedtime.  This not only reduces your energy usage/cost – it also is one less thing you have to remember before going to sleep at night.  Even better,  you can set the temperature to come up a couple of degrees 15 to 30 minutes before you get up in the morning so your home is nice and warm before you head to the shower!

The same is true for your daytime hours when no one is occupying your home….why pay for extra heat in the winter and cooling in the summer if your house is empty all day?  Preset your thermostat to raise/lower the temperature depending on which season it is, 30 minutes after you depart for work and adjust again, 30 minutes prior to your return home.

When used properly, consumers can save up to $150.00 per year on their energy bills.

Programmable thermostats are also eco-friendly in that they do not use mercury; therefore using less energy and reducing green house gas.

Programmable thermostats are relatively inexpensive and are not too difficult to install.

We are happy to give you an estimate to have yours installed today!